Unemployed persons and other jobseekers

You can register with the Croatian Employment Service as an unemployed person or as other jobseekers.


The Croatian Employment Service offers among other things:


  • Information on vacancies,
  • Assistance in defining work potential, defining activities that will improve your employability, define occupations where you have the highest employment opportunities,
  • Information on the labour market situation – the structure of unemployment, sought and less-sought occupations,
  • Workshops through which knowledge and skills are acquired for successful orientation in the labour market (how to write a resume and an application, how to present yourself to an employer, self-assessment methods, active job search techniques),
  • Legal advice,
  • Assistance in additional self-assessment of personal opportunities, assistance in selecting a program of education and training, determining the remaining work ability.


An unemployed person is a person between 15 and 65 years of age who:


  • Is fully or partly capable to work,
  • Is not employed,
  • Is actively searching for a job, and
  • Is available for work.


An active job search includes participation of the unemployed in:


  • Individual counselling sessions,
  • Individual consultations,
  • Determining the activities in order for them to prepare for employment,
  • Determining the activities and goals of their professional plan, alongside with the execution deadlines,
  • Implementation of activities defined in the professional plan,
  • Searching job vacancies on the website of the Croatian Employment Service,
  • Applying to job vacancies on their own initiative,
  • Keeping their job search diary,
  • The process of professional selection.


Entitlements and obligations of unemployed persons

The entitlements and obligations of unemployed persons are regulated by the Labour Market Act (Official Gazette, no. 118/18).


  • Entitlement to financial assistance and reimbursement of expenses during education and training period
  • Entitlement to financial assistance and reimbursement of expenses incurred during vocational training without commencing employment
  • Extended pension insurance beneficiaries are entitled to financial assistance based on the fixed-term employment contract for permanent seasonal jobs;
  • Entitlement to one-time financial assistance and reimbursement of travel and relocation expenses
  • Entitlement to pension insurance if a person has been granted a right to unemployment benefits and meets the age requirement for old-age pension, and misses no more than 5 years of service for old-age pension
  • Entitlement to unemployment benefits (at least 9 months of employment in the last 24 months; registration with the HZZ and submitting a claim for unemployment benefits within the legally prescribed deadline)
  • With regard to EU/EEA nationals
  • With regard to third-country nationals


  • Regular contacts with an employment counsellor at the appointed times
  • Attending individual counselling sessions
  • Drafting a professional job search plan with an assistance of employment counsellor and adhering to the activities from the plan
  • Submitting applications to employers and applying to job vacancies
  • Being available for work and accepting invitations of the Croatian Employment Service for employment preparation activities and employment at the times established in the professional plan
  • Carrying out activities in order to prepare oneself for employment: participation in group counselling – workshops aimed at developing active job search skills and participation in the professional selection – selection for a specific job or training.


Other jobseekers


Other jobseekers are persons who are currently employed, but would like to change their jobs, full-time students or pupils, and other persons who would like to use the services of the Croatian Employment Service.


Other jobseekers cannot use unemployment entitlements.


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