Insured persons of contracting states

The procedure for determining the right to salary compensation during the temporary incapacity for work due to a recognized injury at work or occupational disease is carried out by the competent health insurance holder of the home state of the employee concerned, in accordance with its national legislation.

Citizens of non-contracting states

Citizens of non-contractual countries have the right to temporary incapacity for work in Croatia due to a recognized injury at work or occupational disease in accordance with Croatian regulations only if they have the established status of a person insured by compulsory health insurance with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund.

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Temporary incapacity for work, which occurred during temporary work in another contracting state, can be determined by the contracting doctor of the country of work. The same doctor will also issue you a certificate of established temporary incapacity for work.

In case of temporary incapacity for work or occupational disease incurred in another contracting state, you are obliged to notify your employer and the competent health insurance holder in your home country, within the deadlines provided by the legislation of your home country. Croatian insured persons must apply for compulsory health insurance in another contracting state with documentation issued by a foreign doctor. The foreign insurance will then inform the HZZO about the recorded temporary incapacity in another contracting state by means of the stationery prescribed by the individual international agreement.

Compensation for your salary will be paid by the health insurance holder of your home country.

A person insured in Croatia who is sent to temporary work in a contractual or a country that is not an EU / EEA Member State / Switzerland / the UK is entitled to salary compensation in accordance with Croatian regulations on compulsory health insurance, provided that it is paid at the expense of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO), or the state budget only during the insured person’s stay in Croatia. There is an exception in case of maternity leave and leave in case of death of a child (in case of stillborn child or death of a child during maternity leave) when the salary compensation is paid even during stay outside Croatia.