• * See text: Posting of workers to EU/EEA
  • Member State Third-country nationals are persons who are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union (EU) or of the European Economic Area (EEA).Work of third-country nationals in the Republic of Croatia as posted workers
  • Posting of workers who are third-country nationals by an employer established outside the EU/EEAThird-country nationals whose employer is established in a third country (outside the EU/EEA) and who are temporarily posted to the Republic of Croatia by their employer in the framework of cross-border provision of services, must obtain a work permit before such posting, i.e. a work registration certificate, and must immediately regulate their temporary residence for the purpose of work of posted workers in the relevant police administrations / police stations.More information
  • Posting of workers who are third-country nationals employed by a service provider / employer established in EU/EEA Member StateThird-country nationals whose employer is established in any EU EEA Member State, provided that they are lawfully employed in that State (they have the status of residency and work in accordance with that State’s legislation) and who are temporarily posted to the Republic of Croatia by their employer in the framework of cross-border provision of services, do not have to obtain a work permit or a work registration certificate.If the work or service performance of the posted worker lasts longer than 3 months, his or her temporary residence must be regulated for the purpose of employment of such posed worker. Obligation of submitting the prior posting declarationEvery service provider (employer) who posts workers to the Republic of Croatia must submit a posting declaration before posting its workers to the Republic of Croatia, by electronic means, to the following e-mail address: postingdeclaration.inspektorat@mrms.hrThe declaration must be filed no later than the commencement of work or provision of services in the Republic of Croatia.The foreign employer is obliged to report any change of data in the posting declaration, at the latest within 3 days of the date of such change. More information and declaration formStay of third-country nationals in the Republic of CroatiaThird-country nationals must, as a rule, immediately report a temporary stay (including a short stay of up to 90 days) at the relevant police authorities / police stations, within two days of entry into the country.An exception, third-country nationals who have a permanent residence permit in another EU/EGP Member State are exempt from the obligation to register their short-term stay. They have the right to stay in the territory of the Republic of Croatia up to 3 months from the date of entry into Croatia, if they have a valid passport. Upon expiration of 3 months, they are obliged to report temporary stay to the competent police authority or police station at the place of residence within 8 days from the expiration of the 3 months period.

    Conditions for granting temporary and permanent residence to foreigners are prescribed by the provisions of the Foreigners Act, the Ordinance on Visas and the Regulation on the Croatian Visa Information System.

    You can find more detailed information on the possibilities of regulating residence and work of foreigners as well as all prescribed forms for issuing temporary residence, i.e. residence and work permit, at the websites of the Ministry of the Interior.


    Social insurance of third-country nationals who are posted to work in the Republic of Croatia by an employer established outside the EU/EGP 

    The Republic of Croatia applies agreements on social insurance with the following countries:

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Canadian Province of Québec
    Serbia (FR Yugoslavia)

    International agreements contain, inter alia, provisions on terms and deadlines for posting, and administrative agreements for agreement application define the authorities responsible for issuing certificates confirming that the Croatian social security legislation continues to apply to a person. The Croatian Pension Insurance Institute is responsible for issuing certificates in case of application of the agreements on social insurance concluded with Australia, Canada and Quebec, and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund is responsible in case of agreements concluded with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

    In cases where an agreement on social insurance has not been concluded with the country where the worker is being posted, the national legislation of the country to which the worker is being posted regulates the possibilities and conditions of such posting and whether there is an obligation of compulsory contribution for compulsory insurance in that State or the worker may remain within the insurance of the State which posted him or her to work abroad.


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