For persons with regulated compulsory health insurance at the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO), the right to salary compensation based on recognized injury at work or recognized occupational disease will be calculated and paid by their employer, from the first day and at the expense of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund. Salary compensation is paid in the amount of 100% of the compensation base which is determined in accordance with the Croatian legislation on compulsory health insurance.

If you are an insured person of another EU / EEA Member State / Switzerland / the UK, and you have suffered an injury at work or an occupational disease in Croatia, you are entitled to salary compensation based on the recognised injury or occupational disease pursuant to the regulations of your home country.

Temporary incapacity for work can be recorded by a contracted general/family medicine doctor practicing primary health care in Croatia on the E116 form as a certificate of temporary incapacity for work. The doctor will submit the same form to the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, who will inform your compulsory health insurance about all cases of recorded temporary incapacity for work.

A person insured in Croatia who has experienced an injury at work or an occupational disease in another Member State can have a temporary incapacity for work recorded in the same way, on the E116 form, by a foreign doctor who is part of the compulsory health insurance system of the country of work. The same form will then be submitted to the foreign health insurance company, who will inform the HZZO about the temporary incapacity for work of the person insured in Croatia. The person insured in Croatia must inform their employer that they are temporarily incapacitated for work within the period prescribed by Croatian regulations.


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The certificate issued by the Croatian doctor must be submitted to your competent health insurance holder or to your employer within the deadlines defined by the legislation of your home country.

You can also notify your health insurance holder through the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, based on the E116 form (“Medical certificate of temporary incapacity for work”), which will be completed by your Croatian doctor upon your request. The Croatian health Insurance Fund will forward the full report on your medical condition and the permanent consequences caused by the injury or disease completed by Croatian doctor to your foreign health insurance holder.

If you are unable to contact your primary health care provider or the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (for example, if you are in the hospital), the Croatian Health Insurance Institute will fill out the E116 form based on the medical documentation of the health institution in which you are treated and will directly submit it to your insurer.

In case you are dissatisfied with the decision indicated on the E118 form, you have the right to apply for the issuance of the decision, to which you have the right to appeal within a statutory period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the decision.