Employed and self-employed parents

An employed or self-employed parent has the right to parental leave after the child is 6 months old and can use it until the child is 8 years old. The right to parental leave is a personal right of both employed or self-employed parents, usually used by the parents in duration of 8 (for the first, second born child) or 30 months (for born twins, third born child and each subsequent child).


  • Salary compensation during parental leave in duration of the first 6 months, or 8 months of parental leave cannot, for full time work, be more than 170% of the budget basis per month (HRK 5,654.20). In the remaining part of parental leave, salary compensation amounts to HRK 2,328.20.


Beneficiaries who receive other income, farmers outside the income tax or revenue tax system, unemployed beneficiaries

Upon expiration of the right to maternity exemption from work, this category of parents is entitled to parental exemption from work until the child is one year old for the first and second born child, i.e. up to the child’s 3rd year (depending on the number of born children).


Beneficiaries outside the work system

Beneficiaries outside the work system are entitled to parental care for the child in the same duration.

  • Financial support for parental exemption from work and parental care for the child amounts to HRK 2,328.20 per month.
  • Parental exemption from work and parental care for the child must be used continuously after the maternity exemption from work and maternity care for the child.


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