In addition to the right to health care, one of the rights from the compulsory health insurance is also the right to salary compensation based on temporary incapacity/disability to work.

For example, if you are a posted worker sent to Croatia for temporary work by an employer established in another EU / EEA Member State / Switzerland / the UK, then your temporary incapacity for work (sick leave), if necessary, may be recorded by your primary health care practitioner

The same practitioner may also record your sick leave in case you work in another Member State and get sick during your private stay in Croatia.

If you are an insured person in Croatia and you get sick during your stay in another Member State, your sick leave may be recorded by a foreign doctor. The same doctor should fill in form E116 (Medical certificate of temporary incapacity for work), which must then be handed over to foreign insurance at the place of residence in another Member State. The same foreign insurance will then submit the said form to the HZZO together with the form E115 (Request for financial benefits in case of incapacity for work). A foreign doctor may also issue you another certificate of temporary incapacity for work prescribed in the said country. You are obliged to inform your employer in Croatia and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) about the recorded sick leave within the deadlines prescribed by Croatian regulations

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The contracted primary care physician who registered your sick leave in Croatia will issue you with a form E 116 (Medical certificate of temporary incapacity for work). The same form must be submitted to the HZZO, and the HZZO will submit that form, along with the form E 115, to your competent insurance through the HZZO.

At the end of your sick leave, you should also contact the Croatian Health Insurance Fund in order to fill out the form E 118 and send it to the competent insurance company.

In case of non-recognition or termination of sick leave, the Croatian Health Insurance Fund will issue a E118 form (“Notice of non-recognition or termination of incapacity for work”). In case you are dissatisfied with the decision indicated on the aforementioned form, you can submit an application for the issuance of a written decision to the competent regional office or branch office of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund and initiate an administrative procedure which will decide on your right to sick leave. You may file a complaint with the Directorate of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund within 15 days of receipt of the decision.

You can obtain your right to salary compensation in accordance with the regulations of your home country.